Some Sample Projects....

Our Lady of Lourdes, Raytown

Screen view of the redesigned site.
iPhone 5 view of the redesigned site.

Complete Website Redesign

This project involved the transformation of the parish website of Our Lady of Lourdes, Raytown, Missouri from a mostly static WordPress-based site to a responsive HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript-based site.

Improvements to the site include:

  • Simplified Site Navigation
  • Addition of Options for Online Giving
  • Online Contact Form

Commodore Chang-Ngo's Space Emporium

Screen view of the site homepage. CSS is designed to resemble popular science fiction computer screens. Site animation is done using CSS only.
Screen view of the Shop page, which gives the products overview from which details can be selected and the item can be added to the shopping cart.

WebForms Website using Data and a Custom Shopping Cart

This project involved the creation of a WebForms-driven site to represent the fictional Commodore Chang-Ngo's Space Emporium , a site that simulates the sale of various items form iconic science fiction and fantasy books, television shows, and movies.

The site includes a working shopping cart implementation custom-coded for the site.

Screen view of the Login page. The site includes complete membership functionality.
View Cart panel from Commodore Chang-Ngo's Space Emporium.
Welcome screen for

Our Lady of Lourdes, Raytown

A Catholic Parish in the Heart of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area

This site is designed to facilitate planning and organizing for members of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, its committees, and its clergy. On it you will find the official schedule for Mass Intentions, a Calendar of Events scheduled at Our Lady of Lourdes, document repositories for use by all of OLL's committees and groups to make communication between the groups easier, and much more effective. handles a number of database functions including keeping track of the Mass Intention schedule, which is viewable in a number of different ways including next 90 days all future Masses, and all Masses ever scheduled.

The website also includes functionality for online giving with several options available for donors, patrons, and parishioners. Options range from a one-time donation to scheduled weekly electronic tithing.

Enterprise NCC-1701-D Engineering Ticket Support Tracker

The Enterprise NCC-1701-D Engineering Ticket Support Tracker site header

Screen view of the login page, with all menus visible. Different program options are available to users depending on their user roles.

Custom Tech Support Ticket Tracker

The purpose of this portfolio website is to demonstrate a working Ticket Support Tracker for tech support with an integrated employee database, such as would be used on a corporation intranet.

The Star Trek theme was selected for this site to add interest and a unifying theme. The styling, theme, and colors can be easily modified to conform to existing design while retaining the functionality of the site.

This website also incorporates code to convert standard dates to a Star Trek stardate. The current stardate can be seen at the bottom right of every page, and all views that show a date show it in terms of the stardate it was set. Dates are still entered according to the Gregorian calendar for simplicity.

Soup World: the World of Soup

Soup World began as a coding challenge to duplicate the website of a major US car manufacturer in Bootstrap in under two hours. Instead of using the car manufacturer's website text and images, I used pictures of soup and made up my own text. After all, who wants a copy of a car manufacturer's website?

Though, ultimately, the challenge took slightly longer than the allotted two hours, the end result was worth it. Especially if you like soup.

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