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My name is Richard H. Gross, and I am a software developer and a .Net programmer based in Kansas City, Missouri. I am also a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

I have always had a passion for computers and coding and a love of technology. My programming experience began in 1983 on an Apple IIe. I was in junior high school. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I spent time operating my own business creating custom database applications for the publishing industry.

For more than 20 years, I worked as the editor and media director for a major nonprofit and was in charge of supervising, organizing, and maintaining five association websites, as well as the social media presence for the organization. I was also responsible for all of the print media efforts. I worked successfully with a very broad range of people, from accountants to artists and from business owners to potential clients of member businesses. I am very proud that I was able to organize and present huge amounts of data to the targeted end users in such a way that it was understandable and accessible to them.

After leaving that position, I decided to pursue software development full time. I enrolled in Centriq’s .Net Application Developer program and gained many new skills that took me into the world of C# development.

After I graduated from Centriq, I went to work at Grantham University where I put my skills and experience to work coding in an environment that offered the opportunity to encounter many challenges and discovered solutions to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the business user.

After more than five years and rising to the position of Senior Software Developer, I left that position in the summer of 2021 and am currently seeking new opportunities to develop software that will continue to meet and exceed the expectations of the end user.

In addition to skill with computers and technology, I am also very skilled in working with people. My experience working with the broad range of elected officers, appointed committee chairpersons and diverse committee members that are necessary for the operation of a large nonprofit organization translates into working effectively with many different people in any environment. This skill is further enhanced by my ministry background, which calls for working effectively with many parishioners and frequently calls for meeting with people to discuss sensitive topics in a confidential manner, hearing the needs they present, and helping them to find ways to meet those needs.

In my former role as media director, I frequently was called upon to present the organization’s plans and efforts to large groups of members and further the association's educational efforts by presenting classes to both experts in the field and to those outside the field, which required both technical and nontechnical approaches. In my ministry role, I teach adult education classes weekly and am very experienced in fielding questions on many topics, answering those questions when I have the ability, and knowing when I will need to research the answer and provide it at a later date. I am also accustomed to speaking in front of large groups and am able to do so with confidence, even when addressing difficult topics.

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